Whether you believe climate change is a hoax or not isn’t stopping the science behind finding the truth.

Two Degrees is a pretty slim margin of error. But that’s the given point of no return for global temperatures to rise and cause irreparable harm worldwide. There’s no two sides as far as science is concerned. It either is a thing or isn’t and so far science is proving the case for climate change. There is no denying the Dust Bowl in America had been exacerbated by human activities.

The fact remains that this period of 1901-2016 is the warmest in the history of modern civilization. There is no convincing alternate explanation for this fact. The last few years have seen record breaking extremes of weather events. The last 3 years have been the warmest ever! Long-term temperature observations are the best evidence we have of a warming planet.

Reduction in coal and fossil fuels will greatly slow the rapid shift to the point of no return. It was foolhardy and shortsighted of Trump to pull America out of the Paris Agreement. It is dangerous to dismiss the findings of the Climate Report simply because it doesn’t align with your parties’ ideologies or your ‘gut’ as Trump has often toted.

There has to be a world-wide effort to stem both the dangerous rise of climate change and the campaign of misinformation in trying to discredit something the naysayers clearly don’t want to nor have any inclination to understanding.  It’s time to wake up to the fact that America is a part of rest of the world and must act accordingly. Shutting itself off from it’s allies because it doesn’t want to be bothered to make any drastic changes for the sake of everyone’s betterment is only self defeating.