With the year coming to a close, and the election of 2014 behind us, you may be forgiven for thinking that our work is over for now. But our work doesn't end. The next year is just around the corner, and for an odd year, 2015 holds outsized importance. The election in November 2015 in Pennsylvania determines the fate of eight US House seats in 2022.

We must plan ahead to create the foundations for victory in the future. Every decade, we have a nationwide census, and congressional district lines must be redrawn to accommodate changes in population. Republicans plan their election strategy ten or more years into the future. We have not done that, and we have suffered as a result.

In the last redistricting after the census of 2010, Republicans took advantage of redistricting to draw the most lopsided congressional district map in the country in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania nominally leans Democratic; it hasn't voted for a Republican for president since 1988. But despite that, Pennsylvania sends a whopping 13 Republicans, and just 5 Democrats to the House of Representatives.

It's time to fight back. Due to the byzantine redistricting process, the key election to end this Republican gerrymandering is coming right up. In 2015, three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court are up for election, and which party wins these seats next year will determine which party will control redistricting after the census of 2020.

Our plan is described in greater detail in the included newsletter. In addition, we have articles on the “Dapacratic Revolution”, the Supreme Court, the ongoing policing protests, our upcoming candidate boot camp, the recent diplomatic initiatives regarding Cuba, and updates on DAPAC-supported candidates who are now in office.


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