Dear Friends:

To make positive changes in our system of government and stop the rise of economic injustice driving most people into poverty and toward fascism, we must get the Senate. We need your support now.

Donald Trump is not the ultimate cause of our fall into fascism. It is our allowing greedy billionaires to corrupt our system while directing all our wealth towards a few people at the top. Thomas Piketty, in his monumental book, Capital, compiles the data to demonstrate that corruption and how western developed democracies have evolved into the worst economic inequality in one hundred and ten years.

We are seeing comprehensive chaos in France and Germany with several million people rioting. We see the demand for Brexit in the United Kingdom. We see the election of Donald Trump, the rise of fascism and our ever increasing economic inequality leading most of our population slowly into poverty.

We must get the Senate, along with the presidency, to change policy and stop the downward trend leading to our ultimate collapse. We have had a conservative Supreme Court for 48 years. People who grew up in those years don't even know what a liberal court looks like. They have not experienced equal justice for all.

We have a plan to take the Senate and the Supreme Court. If you support DAPAC I believe we can help make it happen. We are targeting five key states. If we win four we have control with a Democratic majority. These states are on the brink. They just need the right candidates running effective campaigns.

We have just started a social media campaign to get our progressive message out. We are targeting Hispanics because their voting turnout from their eligible turnout is so low; about 25%. In addition, we are targeting young people because their turnout is around 10%.

The mechanics are not truly what is important. Our message of economic, social, and environmental justice is what is important. We can do this and save our country from fascism and move toward a vibrant and just future with your support. Thank you for all your support in the past and your vital support now.

Thank you