Dear Friends:

To make positive changes in our system of government and stop the rise of economic injustice driving most people into poverty and toward fascism, we must get the Senate. We need your support now.

Donald Trump is not the ultimate cause of our fall into fascism. It is our allowing greedy billionaires to corrupt our system while directing all our wealth towards a few people at the top. Thomas Piketty, in his monumental book, Capital, compiles the data to demonstrate that corruption and how western developed democracies have evolved into the worst economic inequality in one hundred and ten years.

We are seeing comprehensive chaos in France and Germany with several million people rioting. We see the demand for Brexit in the United Kingdom. We see the election of Donald Trump, the rise of fascism and our ever increasing economic inequality leading most of our population slowly into poverty.

We must get the Senate, along with the presidency, to change policy and stop the downward trend leading to our ultimate collapse. We have had a conservative Supreme Court for 48 years. People who grew up in those years don't even know what a liberal court looks like. They have not experienced equal justice for all.

We have a plan to take the Senate and the Supreme Court. If you support DAPAC I believe we can help make it happen. We are targeting five key states. If we win four we have control with a Democratic majority. These states are on the brink. They just need the right candidates running effective campaigns.

We have just started a social media campaign to get our progressive message out. We are targeting Hispanics because their voting turnout from their eligible turnout is so low; about 25%. In addition, we are targeting young people because their turnout is around 10%.

The mechanics are not truly what is important. Our message of economic, social, and environmental justice is what is important. We can do this and save our country from fascism and move toward a vibrant and just future with your support. Thank you for all your support in the past and your vital support now.

Thank you

With the coming great depression, for the 2020 election we can have a tidal wave of progressive Democrats elected if you contribute now. Your donation will go towards recruiting and training a younger generation of progressive people to get elected, take over our government and take us out of Donald Trump's Republican great depression.

In 2018 we had a miniwave election. In the election where Democrats took over the House by a small margin to stop Trump and the Republicans but we lost even more seats in the Senate.  Nationally we won back about one third of legislative seats we lost during the Obama administration.  In addition, we won back about a third of the governor's races. 

Most people are unhappy with our healthcare policy but we continue to have corporate Republican attacks on an incremental policy change with Obamacare even though healthcare stocks are the most profitable segment of the stock market.

For many years many people have requested we start DAPAC clubs.  I feel it is the right time to do it.  We need to aggressively start DAPAC progressive clubs in every city and near colleges and Universities.  I need your help with funding to do it.

We can make this country more progressive than it ever has been. I believe we can take the presidency and a two-thirds majority in the House and the Senate. Also, we can win three-quarters of the Governors’ seats and three-quarters of legislative seats. We can expand the Supreme Court with progressives and stop the 46 years of conservative dominance of the Supreme Court by old conservative Catholic men. We can emerge from the coming greatest recession with a stronger economy, much lower economic inequality much more just with a progressive Democratic Supreme Court and progressive country led by a new generation of young progressive leaders.

The Republicans have taken the middle-class to the cleaners. Their big tax cut and deregulation for rich Republicans left the middle-class further from recovery.  At the same time the middle-class has been hit with the higher costs of healthcare, education, housing and energy while the tax burden has shifted to the middle-class.

What we progressives can do is support the middle-class, especially young people with higher pay and lower taxes. We can lower interest rates by having Congress reign in the Federal Reserve and consequently raise pay for middle and low income people.  We can give lower taxes by cutting rates and immediately give a DAPAC rebate check of $1000 per individual and $2000 per family.  We can pass free universal healthcare replacing our expensive inefficient Wall Street Corporate profit-run present healthcare system and save money.  In addition, we can pass free universal higher education funding for higher learning or sophisticated training for high paying jobs. We can promote faster change in the energy
industry to cheap renewables to cut middle class energy costs and the cost of food production. We can subsidize manufacturing conversion to high robotics to manufacture cheaply for the world. We can have a new comprehensive housing funding program as we did for student loans. Cheap housing loans subsidized by the Federal government with no credit required for basic housing. Instead of a hodgepodge of unemployment, workman's comp, food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, and earned income programs, we can replace them with a guaranteed basic income program.  This ends homelessness and poverty problems in our rich country.

Fascists like Trump were elected because of middle class frustrations blaming new immigrants and racial minorities.  We are facing a choice. Do we go further into fascism or do we become a progressive country and solve the worst income inequality since before the Great Depression. Lets stand together now. Please make your donation today and we can become a progressive country again, stopping the march towards fascism by rebuilding the middle class and protecting our Democratic ideals. With your funds I will recruit and train people to start DAPAC progressive clubs across the country with idealistic young people prepared and educated to get elected and lead us in a progressive direction.

Please donate today and it will happen.

Thank you for your continued support.

The last week has disastrously demonstrated the crisis our country is now facing with President Trump in the White House. Here is how we fight back against his Tuesday Night Massacre, and create a Republican Election Day Massacre. That means we take back control of government from Trump and the Republicans. We will end this nightmare with your help of a check or credit card. We must work together to defeat this tyrant.


Our taking back the House and Senate is to not only impeach Trump but to convict him and send him to jail. Read our article affirmed by Constitutional expert Laurence Tribe. The article spells out FACTS, not Trump's alternative truth. It contains information how he has violated the law for years and now has committed treasonous crimes. Also, we need control of the legislative branch to stop his plans derail many programs that support the life, health, welfare, and education of our people and programs to protect the environment.


Although there are many, some reasons to support impeachment follow:


HE HAS: Obstructed justice by firing the FBI Director who was overseeing the investigation into his campaign committee, campaign directors and which is leading to investigating his actions also.


HE HAS: Constantly represented “alternative facts” as the truth. These lies leave us with no true understanding of what the government is doing. As one piece of evidence, see the health care bill that has been approved by the House and sent to the Senate.


HE HAS: Not disclosed his business interests and has violated the emoluments clause of the constitution.


HE HAS: Put our national security and the security of the world at risk with his lack of support for our allies and his efforts to align with Russia. Also, he has provided sensitive information to the Russians without the source's approval.


Finally, I have been asked by local Democrats in Washington state's 8th Congressional District to run for Congress and. after a month of discussing with numerous people, I jumped into the race enthusiastically. Thus, this is my last letter to you because, legally, I have to remove myself from heading DAPAC while a candidate for federal office. When elected in this Democratic-leaning district, I am running to lead the impeachment of bully of the United States people and I am going to increase pay for regular Americans, stop the progression of economic inequality and take support away from Donald Trump and the Republicans. I will lead the charge to end global warming, end the attacks on woman’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights, voting rights and have Medicare for all. You and I will be leaders moving the United States forward again.


I respect the law and will be turning leadership over to my wife, Barbara Cramer, and my oldest son, Chris Cramer. who have worked with me for years. Chris, who was co-founder with me, will help Barbara as consultant. Barbara has extensively studied women's, children's and healthcare policy issues and worked in healthcare for many years. She received a life-saving kidney transplant through the enactment of Obamacare. My wife is able to do this job because her health improved because of the nationwide database coordination provided by the Obamacare funding. At the same time, my son received health insurance because he was previously uninsurable due to a pulmonary embolism.


We need your continued support to get those 24 seats back in the House and three seats in the Senate in order to impeach Trump, convict him and include a strong voice for progressive values in our government.


Thank you for your continued support. Please enthusiastically write those checks and together we will succeed.






Tom Cramer


President Emeritus of DAPAC


We have a very exciting new program, 20 Votes for Justice, which is growing very fast and we need your support now to keep up with the volunteers who are joining to recruit voters. Will you please donate today so we can continue our work to attain our shared goals? Thank you for your consideration.


Here is how 20 Votes for Justice works: We ask volunteers to sign up 20 voters who will pledge to register and vote for justice and ask each to volunteer and sign up 20 more potential voters. This effort is vital to winning the 2018 elections; historically, there is extremely low Democratic voter turnout in mid-term elections. If we gather 4 million volunteers to generate 80 million votes we can make every level of government in the country liberal.


We have been going to organizational meetings where people design protests and demonstrations and signing up volunteers. Most of these activists are enthusiastically supporting and volunteering. We are contacting volunteers around the country to do the same. We are also signing up people at protests and demonstrations like town halls. We are asking volunteers to forward our monthly emails and to keep in contact with their 20 volunteers on a monthly basis to keep them committed and voting liberal in future elections.


Here are the principles they agree to support as a voter:


Liberal Principles:



1. Higher wages and incomes for everyone. Low and stagnant wages and incomes are a failure of our system, not a failure of our people. This unfair system was designed by people and can be changed by people.



2. Climate change is scientific fact, not an alternative lie.



3. Women have choice and equal rights guaranteed under the Constitution and those rights will be enforced.



4. Minorities, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, new immigrants and others have rights and will be free from discrimination. Citizens cannot be denied the right to vote.



5. Medicare for all is a right.



Thank you for your consideration of our request. We appreciate your support. Please use the sign up sheet and get started today!








Tom Cramer, President